GEar industries - The story

Our story began in 1987 when I became active in the outdoor industry handling the distribution of several brands. I built Singing Rock, a climbing brand, together with 2 partners. But unexpected health issues made me decide to sell the company, and my old love of nature photography resurfaced. This was when I founded Mr Jan Gear.

It started with a single backpack, but today Mr Jan Gear offers a range of products – as you can see on Several quality problems caused by a subcontractor have led us to join a production company again, this time in Slovakia.

The choice of Slovakia is in line with our company values. 

gear industries

gear for life

We draw from our extensive experience outdoors and travelling and believe in ‘Gear for Life’. Our products can easily be repaired and stand the test of time, so generations can benefit from them. 


Our Slovakian factory is run by Martin Suchan, a Slovakian outdoor veteran with quality standards that equal my own. So we joined forces to start a new brand for outdoor and travel gear and industrial rope bags: Gear Industries. 


In the 80s and 90s, running a small innovative company that focused on high quality made for a strong brand – like Overland and Madden in the USA. But today, big companies have become the norm. Gear Industries is, and never will be, a big company. Our focus remains on producing the highest possible quality, not quantity. Our design, development and production are simple, clever, and durable. As we camp, climb, travel, sleep outside and are on the road, we use our products whenever possible, adding to our years of experience. 

Moreover, being small and independent allows us to create products we never expected to make, just for fun – often adding a unique value for our customers.

We are happy to announce this new adventure. We hope to see you out there soon! Stay safe.

Jan Goddefroy
GEAR INDUSTRIES – Gear for life